Playground Renovation

Update! New design is ready!!

The Independence Park Advisory Council is leading planning and fund raising efforts to fully renovate the playground at Independence Park.

A playground renovation, with an adjacent water feature, will greatly enhance park recreation facilities and encourage neighborhood children to engage in physical activity and outdoor exercise.

The intent of the playground renovation is to:

  • Build an inclusive playground accessible for all children, including those with special needs.
  • Replace the current wood chip surface with a new rubberized surface.
  • Lower the existing raised playground surface to ground level.
  • Create play areas for children of varying ages.
  • Create a water feature adjacent to the playground.

The current playground equipment is aging and the playground is in need of upgrades and safety improvements. The oldest pieces of equipment have rotted wood bases, splinters, and do not meet current standards. Children in the neighborhood often travel across major intersections and under expressway viaducts to visit newer, more appealing playgrounds.

In December 2012, the Chicago Park District provided an initial design concept and estimated the cost of renovation to be $700,000. Chicago Park District playground renovations are typically funded through one-third aldermanic, one-third community, and one-third Park District donations.

IPAC has raised $40,000 for playground renovations by hosting Circus in the Parks in 2011 and 2012.  IPAC expects to raise an additional $25,000 in 2013, for a projected total of $65,000. The PAC has requested funding assistance from local alderman and the Chicago Park District. But we need YOUR HELP to make a new playground a reality. If you would like to become involved in playground fund raising efforts, contact IPAC at or make a donation.


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