2018 Yard Sale!

2018 Independence Park Advisory Council Yard Sale!

Saturday May 19th!
9am – 3 pm!

Sign Up! Buy a Space!

Outdoor Yard Sale. Rain or Shine! See the Flyer

The IPAC Yard Sale is again taking place on the same day as the West Walker garage sale!  There will be plenty of shoppers around – those sales included over 90 garages last year!!

Spaces will be lined up around the park, each space will be 10 feet x 10 feet, bring your own tables for display or rent from us for $10 each.

Set up time is 7:30 – 8:45 am and breakdown time is 3:00pm.  No assistance will be available for setting up or breaking down.

We are working to secure an organization that will take any unsold/unwanted items after the sale.  We will update with details.

You are selling your items, you are pricing them, you are keeping all of your profit. We ask that you do not pack up and Leave early from the event unless it is an emergency.

Reserve your space and tables using paypal right now! PLEASE NOTE — registration is a two step process, purchase a space and you will be redirected to the registration page to provide details. (click here for direct link to registration page after paying via paypal).

Purchasing a space means you’ve read and agreed to all our Rules and Regulations.

You must include the following information in “Vendor Information” field during the PayPal checkout:

  • Names of people who will be selling
  • Best contact information (Email/Phone) for Seller
  • Types of items to be sold (i.e. New, Used, Children, Adult, etc…)

You will not be permitted to sell without providing the above information

Purchase a Space

Yard Sale Space

Event Rules and Regulations

(Subject to change without notice)

Booths/ Tables not occupied by 8:45 a.m. may be re-rented without notice to Vendor and without refund to Vendor. If you will be late contact IPAC (you will be provided with contact phone number after purchasing a space).

Refund policy – If you have to cancel, or cannot make the event due to a Family emergency, we will give you a free table at our next event for equivalent value. If you rented a $10 table, and were unable to come due to emergency, we will give you another $10 table at our next sale. Just let me know.

Vendors may not for any reason sublease their booths/tables. All rentals must be handled through Clara Guerrero & Nell Rhoades.

Hanging racks are allowed, but please keep them in your designated area and do not block your neighbor or the shopping isles.

Please, NO taping/nailing things, and Please NO smoking.

Banned items for sale include but are not limited to firearms and fireworks; illegal or offensive items; animals, (unless approved and crated); poisonous snakes; drugs and drug paraphernalia; alcoholic beverages. When in doubt, contact IPAC, see below.


We serve concessions at our event, so please limit the outside food and drink. No food or drink is to be sold from your table or booth unless permission has been given from me prior to the event.

Vendors are Responsible for returning their tables to designated area after the sale has ended.  Only applicable to vendors that rented tables.

Vendors are responsible for the clean up of their area. All garbage and trash boxes, etc. are to be placed in the dumpster, boxes broken down and flattened. Nothing is to be left in your space when you leave. There will be a Salvation Army truck parked on Irving Park Rd. & Springfield Rd. for Donations and any unsold unwanted items.

There will be a $50.00 cleaning fee imposed for those that can’t clean up their area.

Courtesy for your neighbor is to be used in the display of your merchandise and signs. View of your neighbor’s merchandise should not be blocked as you are looking down the aisle. Any signs are to be hung in such a manner that they will not be a safety hazard

Vendors are responsible for their children and must be kept under control and at your space unless accompanied by an adult. Pets are NOT allowed.

Loud or boisterous noises are prohibited including demonstration of sound and musical equipment.

All government permitting required of Vendor shall be the responsibility of Vendor (includes sales tax requirements by the State or City). Whether or not you charge Sales tax on your items is between you and the State of IL, or the City of the event unless instructed otherwise.

You are setting up and selling at your OWN RISK. You are responsible for Items Lost, Stolen, Broken, Etc.  We accept no responsibility for loss to Vendor for any reason.

If table(s) is destroyed before, during, or after the event, an additional charge of $100.00 per table will be imposed as replacement cost.

Vendors should obtain adequate property, liability and workman’s compensation insurance and or including Vendor license, if needed. Contact the City or State of the sale for the laws governing this.


Questions/Contact Information

Any Questions should be directed to IPAC via email: info@independenceparkchicago.com.

Day of questions should be directed to Event Coordinators, who will be at the Event.  If you need to speak to someone, email the above address and leave a return phone number.


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